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There are a couple of things that I've been intending to do for a while now but not gotten around to. In an attempt to give myself a little nudge to actually finish some of them I'm going to mention them here.

  1. My employer got acquired by Oracle Corporation a few months ago. It feels a little strange to think that I now work for the second largest software company on the planet. Things seem very good so far and I'm generally feeling positive and excited about prospects for the future. I finally have more than one display and a modern machine! However, it does mean I now need to update my CV, 'About' Page, LinkedIn... This task is much bigger than this tiny paragraph gives it credit for. It's about time I got it done.

  2. Update the Vagrant box used to publish this blog to base it on Debian instead of Ubuntu. No real reason, I'd just rather use something closer to "standard" Linux, and the Precise Pangolin base image is four versions out of date and two years old. It would also be a nice opportunity to use an actual shell script to provision the box instead of one big inline command. I'm also wondering whether to get rid of the post tags and move back to a single repository processed by Github's Pages infrastructure (the current source uses plugins which require building the site manually, and it's a bit of a hassle to publish to.)

  3. Build cool things. When I last updated the 'About' page, I mentioned building a fileserver to house all of my most important data. I need to get around to nailing down some specifications.